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Windows 98 And Networking Easy Question

As a result, Windows 98 is able to launch your applications up to 36% faster. Note that it will give a bad result if Age is > the maximum Age_Upper. =?Utf-8?B?YmV2cGlrZQ==?= 98 Networking Question 0 replies , 11/7/2003, 10:29:22 PM Hello, Will this cause problems: 34 Restart the system when prompted. 4.To enable access by password, check Share Level Access Control. Any ideas how to get at least one way working? http://roguewb.com/windows-98/windows-98-question.html

So the Win7 system goes down and you have to set ALL that up again, or a NIC burns out. I have no idea what other settings I can change on her computer to make it work. If you need TCP/IP, assign yourself an IP-address (to speed up booting). Click OK and restart the system when prompted. 5.After your system has restarted, enable sharing for specific folders, as described in the next task.

All Rights Reserved. The problem - another desktop that I have running Win 7 Home (64) cannot access those shares without entering the credentials for the server Win 7 Pro server. Are you looking for the solution to your computer problem? You can download it right here though if you really need it.

I am networking 2 desktops and a laptop with XP and also have a media center in the lounge room all connected by Ethernet cable. This means you can install Windows 98 on a non-FAT32 partition or drive and setup can give you the option to automatically convert it into FAT32. When you visit Windows Update, Update Wizard scans your computer, tells you which (if any) of the latest offerings you don't have, and asks whether you want to add them. Installing Windows 98 over Windows NT will be considered as downgrading.

i tried to add a shortcut to the vista HDD into the user account on Windows 7, but upon opening it on the HTPC all folders are empty..?? I can ping them from the windows 7 laptop but can't actually see them on the windows 7 laptop. No points are deducted for incorrect answers. http://www.activewin.com/faq/faq_4.shtml I have also installed Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 (not Windows XP Mode).

The class is set up in such a way that your initial goal is to set up all the basic Infrastructure necessities of a SMB (AD, DNS, DHCP, FTP, Email, IIS, Right-click the folder and choose Map Network Drive from the pop-up menu. 3.The Map Network Drive dialog box will appear with the first available drive letter already selected. anyway to make the toolbars longer - it seems that I can resize them but not change their length? A: Yes.

I never set one up, because I would like to run an open network. (I live a mile down a limerock road with no close neighbors.) Can someone tell me what http://windows.bigresource.com/Win7-win98-networking-question-RzcdTtg2.html Windows 7 And Virtual PC Networking Networking - Folders Are Empty Networking - Discovered Devices Cannot Be Placed On Map? They do however need access to files that would live on the Windows 7 machines. I can see my system from hers but cannot access files and vice versa.

Still nothing. Q: Is it safe to install Internet Explorer 5 over Windows 98? How can the XP server access the files without any username/password but another client running Win 7 Home is required to enter a username/password? There's one easy-to-use pack for upgrading from Microsoft Windows version 3.1, Windows 95, and Windows for Workgroups version 3.2x.

I'm trying to find something that works. Have you ever gone to a Web site that wasn't there--or have an email returned to sender? To select your Primary Network Logon: 1.Click the Start button, select Settings, and then select Control Panel.2.Click the Network icon. 3.When the Network dialog box appears, select the Configuration tab, and http://roguewb.com/windows-98/windows-98-quick-question.html Your assistance is greatly appreciated Thanks in advance, Mike =?Utf-8?B?WXVnbw==?= Excel question ? 5 replies , 11/29/2010, 2:15:28 PM Hi, can anyone help me out with this ....

am i doing something wrong? However, Windows 98 will run fine on FAT16. A: Yes.

Here's my story: I just moved in with two of my friends and we have 6 computers (3 laptops and 3 desktops) and we have 2 360s and 1 ps3.

  1. A: New Installation: Simply copy the win98 folder to your hard drive.
  2. Q: Will I be able to dual-boot in Windows 98?
  3. They were all in the same workgroup and were able to share off each other.

Sharing of Disk-resources is identical to the Windows95 procedure: The Network Neighborhood is the same (except for the Web-Page/Active Desktop look) including the same error-messages as under Windows95 (while waiting for Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device. Here are the excel tables involved: Table 1 Name Age Status Jim 25 MNS Mary 38 FS Table 2 Band Age_lower Age_upper MS MNS FS FNS 1 0 18 0.25 0.2 No, create an account now.

A: Yes. Physically connect your computer to the network, as directed by your network administrator. 2.Make sure that you have the logon information you need, such as user name and password. Have you ever gone to a Web site that wasn't there--or have an email returned to sender? have a peek here The XP machine is connected via wireless D-Link DLW-G510 to same router.

New Domain for Development and Wireless We needed to create an additional domain for our wireless devices and development systems to use. If the client isn't listed or you have a newer version of the client, insert the vendor-supplied disk and click the Have Disk button. 6.Click OK until you return to the davido-23, Mar 14, 2017 at 6:57 PM, in forum: Networking Replies: 0 Views: 84 davido-23 Mar 14, 2017 at 6:57 PM Internet Continues to Go Out (Windows 10) JDcompy, Mar 11, I installed a fix on the XP machine which was suggested, called the link layer something ( i forget the name now, I could look it up).

The "Home" computer can access "Work" OK View 9 Replies View Related Why Is W7 Networking So Different ? Enter the new user name and password, and click OK. They are all Greek to me.Is there a " How-to for Dummies " instructions for connecting my 2 laptop computers ? View 1 Replies View Related Share Win7 Printer To A Win98 Machine Jul 20, 2009 i switched my bosses computer to Windows 7 here at work, all went fine..

We are working hard to find out what is causing it. Join over 733,556 other people just like you! IF "%ver%"=="Microsoft Windows 2000" GOTO Win2k @REM IF "%ver%"=="Microsoft Windows XP" GOTO WinXP @mkdir ytemp1 GOTO Common :Win2K @REM mkdir temp2 : Common: @REM mkdir Click the Add Printer icon. 2.The Add Printer Wizard will guide you through installing the network printer.

I would like to stick 2000 on the two 98 machines but i doubt they could handle it they are slow using 98 so i guess for now its stick to If the service isn't listed or you have a newer version of the service, insert the vendor-supplied disk and click the Have Disk button. 6.Click the OK button until you return Suppose I have 2 branches(let's call them B1 and B2) off the main trunk. UAC is off on the second computer, but I get the following message when trying to make a shortcut.:"Windows cannot create the shortcut check to see if the disk is full"

The second part of the question is can I release directly from B1 without check it back to main Trunk? I know it will more than likely be a stupid simple setting and aside from reformatting my wifes system and reinstalling windows I have no idea of what else I can In the computer network world, the language that two computers use to communicate is called a protocol. For example, sum the amuunts in column "C" when "A" equals "ball" AND "B" equals "bat".

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